Class Visits

Invite NATURE SEEKERS to your classroom or group! Many programs and activities to choose from. Students will become Citizen Scientists as they explore the natural world around them.

School yard Bioblitz

Outdoor program (60 - 90 minutes)

Students become Citizen Scientists for the day as they explore the unique biodiversity found within the school yard. Exploring equipment provided. Program specially geared for grades K - 12.

Junior Bird watchers

Indoor & Outdoor program (60 minutes)

Students learn to identify various bird species by sight and sound. Students become a Citizen Scientist for the day documenting birds. Field equipment provided. Program geared for grades K - 12.

Niagara's endangered species

indoor & outdoor (60 minutes)

Students learn about select endangered species found within the Niagara Peninsula. Students participate in a hands-on conservation project. Programming specially geared for grades K - 12.

MORE programs

NATURE SEEKERS offers a variety of program options to choose from. We are happy to specifically tailor a program for your class or group. Indoor and Outdoor programs may include hands-on Conservation Projects, presentations on specific Wildlife Species, and everything in between.